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      2. Welcome to Wuxi Hongfan polishing machinery Co., Ltd.

        Hongfan Polishing Machine

        Hongfan Polishing Machine

        專業 自動拋光機生產廠家


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        Innovate technology, create the future intelligently

        Hongfan polishing machine


        Variable frequency stepless speed regulation is adopted for guide rail operation, which is easy to operate.


        Use a variety of rough, medium and fine throwing wheels to vibrate and polish more finely


        Pure copper core motor with high configuration, sufficient power, stability and durability


        Large quantities of workpieces can be finished at one time by using automatic loading and unloading device

        Hongfan machine

        Strive to build efficient and convenient polishing machinery and equipment


        Rich production experience in polishing machine industry

        Specializing in the design and manufacture of various automatic polishing machines, it is a well-known enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta, and has long-term cooperative relations with many brands such as Heye technology, Xiamen Yinhua, Chongqing Yaojiao, Tianjin eurenas, Jiaxing Minhui, etc.


        Strong technical force

        Professional design and manufacture of automatic, round pipe, shaft, square pipe, mirror, stainless steel, strip steel, horizontal, vertical, wind wheel and other polishing machines of different specifications and models


        Advanced production technology

        On the basis of horizontal polishing machine, two series of dry polishing and wet polishing are developed. In particular, the successful development of the wet polishing series has greatly promoted the development of the polishing machinery industry and become a new bright spot in the polishing industry.


        High quality products win customers' trust

        It is suitable for surface polishing, deburring and descaling of all kinds of hydraulic piston rod, construction machinery, textile machine shaft, oil cylinder, general parts, hardware tools, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, flat plates and precision castings.


        Tailor the solution to your needs

        According to your characteristics, combined with many years of experience, we can tailor the right solution to reduce your cost.


        Perfect high quality service system

        From the whole process of pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service, the professional after-sale team responds to the consultation in a timely manner and provides 7 × 24-hour technical guidance.


        Mainly suitable for surface polishing and deburring of various castings

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        Wuxi hongfan polishing machinery co., LTD. Is located on the bank of the beautiful taihu lake -- shitang bay, luoshe town, wuxi city. It is close to the 312 nat...


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        Wuxi Hongfan polishing machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of old brand polishing machines. We produce all kinds of automatic polishing machines, external polishing machines and mirror polishing machines all year round. Welcome to contact us!

        address:Wuqin village, shitangwan Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province tel:0510-83279255

        Contacts:Mr. Xi Mobile:13771175588 email:sales@wxhongfan.com


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