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      1. Welcome to Wuxi Hongfan polishing machinery Co., Ltd.

        Hongfan Polishing Machine

        Hongfan Polishing Machine

        專業 自動拋光機生產廠家


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        Wuxi hongfan polishing machinery co., LTD. Is located on the bank of the beautiful taihu lake -- shitang bay, luoshe town, wuxi city. It is close to the 312 national highway, the shanghai-nanjing railway in the south, the beijing-hangzhou grand canal in the south, the shanghai-nanjing expressway in the north, the xi-yi expressway in the east and the wuxi airport.

        Wuxi hongfan polishing machinery co., LTD is a professional design and manufacture of various automatic polishing machine enterprises, strong technical force, advanced production process, high quality products, won the trust of users. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of various polishing machine, automatic polishing machine, round tube polishing machine, shaft polishing machine, square tube polishing machine, mirror polishing machine, stainless steel polishing machine, strip polishing machine, horizontal, vertical, wind wheel, etc. Especially the successful development of wet behind series, greatly promoted the machinery industry development, become a new bright spot which polishing industry, dry wet series of polishing machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of hydraulic piston rod, engineering machinery, textile machine shaft rod, cylinder, gm parts, hardware tools, stainless steel pipe, copper tube, aluminum tube, flat plate and precision casting surface polishing and deburring, in addition to scale, etc., especially for large and super long piston rod and spinning and weaving shaft rod cylindrical polishing efficiency is very high, the user can use semi-automatic and fully automatic PLG program control system, the workpiece can be automatically sent to the frequency conversion infinitely adjustable-speed motor, Through several comprehensive polishing machine polishing processing, finish rising to mirror brightness, polishing once completed for many times, workpiece processing length is infinite, has been Angle of smelting technology, xiamen Yin hua, chongqing yaojiang river, tianjin optimal ruina, jiaxing min adopted, for the enterprise to save a large amount of foreign exchange, is equipped with automatic numerical control device of polishing machine at home and abroad, sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities, and Thailand.

        With the "scientific production, strict management, sincere service, active innovation" business philosophy. We look forward to working with you to support a clear blue sky and create a brilliant tomorrow for the enterprise.

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        Wuxi Hongfan polishing machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of old brand polishing machines. We produce all kinds of automatic polishing machines, external polishing machines and mirror polishing machines all year round. Welcome to contact us!

        address:Wuqin village, shitangwan Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province tel:0510-83279255

        Contacts:Mr. Xi Mobile:13771175588 email:sales@wxhongfan.com


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